Ukraine Appeal

People in our congregations and communities might be asking what they can do to help people in Ukraine.
The Methodist Church has launched an emergency appeal:
All We Can and the Methodist Church in Britain have launched an emergency appeal in response to events unfolding in Ukraine.
As communities face violence, upheaval, and the trauma of war, your urgent support is needed. Working together with the Global Relationships Team of the Methodist Church in Britain, donations will be used to support the response to the crisis happening in Ukraine and ensure that critical humanitarian assistance is available to those who need it.
Please pray for the people of Ukraine today and give all you can to the Ukraine Emergency Appeal. Your gift today will be used to meet emergency needs.
Have any questions?
If total donations exceed need, we will use them to respond to other emergencies.
River Methodist Church in Dover has supported the British Humanitarian Aid (BHA) Charity, based in Canterbury for over 25 years.   Since 1996 this charity has supported people living in the Chernihiv Region of Ukraine. River Church and the local Women’s Institute have fund raising events and collect goods to support this work. Tony & Valerie Budell and Philip Edmonds are the three founder members of this Canterbury charity. Philip visits the church annually to give an update on the situation in Chernihiv and collect the goods donated. 
On February 26th River Church received the following urgent appeal from Tony Budell:
Emergency Appeal - Ukraine
Dear friends of BHA, I don't have the time to send this email individually, Sorry!!  You must be aware of the dire situation in the Ukraine and we urgently need your help. Once the refugee camps are set up, either on the Polish border, or the Moldova border, we will set off with humanitarian aid to assist the women and children. We already know that their men folk cannot leave Ukraine, so their families will need a great deal of help.  In the meantime, we need to buy as much food, toiletries, pampers and sanitary items for the women and children as we possibly can.    If you can help us with a donation to do this, however small, we would be very grateful indeed.   
Our address is:       Tony & Valerie Budell
                              British Humanitarian Aid
                              11 Devon Road,
                              CT1 1RP
Please note cheques should be made payable to:   British Humanitarian Aid
Every donation received will be spent on the necessary aid and the fuel to drive lorries from Canterbury to where it is needed on the Ukraine border.