Training Day for Bible Month: 30 Days with Jonah

The training day on 10 March will be held at St John’s Methodist Church, Whitstable.  It sits alongside the Bible Month Magazine and the resources available on the Methodist website, or through Methodist Publishing, and will be led by Dr Robin Baker Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at the University of Winchester. He is a Fellow of University College London, and a Visiting Scholar at Sarum College. Robin's research is in the Old Testament and the religious environment of the Ancient Near East. More broadly, he is interested in the reception and interpretation of the Old Testament in the Early Church. Robin's most recent book is, Hollow Men, Strange Women: Riddles, Codes and Otherness in the Book of Judges, published by Brill in 2016, and articles he has written are published in, among others, the Journal of Biblical Literature and Vetus Testamentum. He is currently writing a book on the Kingship of Christ. 
After the morning's plenary session in which we will gain an overview and wide understanding of the Book of Jonah the afternoon will be in small workshops which will explore the book of Jonah with particular focus on either leading worship and preaching, or leading small groups. Bring your bibles and your lunch, there is no charge. 
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